Men’s Health: Men’s Hearts Break

Men’s Heart Break is a series of animations created through a community arts project. This project was designed as a response to an increasing number of male suicides. The theme of heartbreak was chosen because dealing with relationships breakdown is a common trigger, within the complex set of conditions, that leads people to despair.

Men who had been affected by heartbreak shared their stories. They wanted to help others by telling people about their experiences. They wanted to support people who could relate to things that they had been through. The stories were recorded. They were read either by actors or the men themselves. Open group workshops were held where men were invited to listen to the recordings. During these sessions, the groups helped to create storyboards for the animations.

The people who told their stories were from diverse cultures. Some were from the LGBT community. Many had considered or attempted suicide. All been to very dark places and had found a way to survive. They wanted to let other people know about the lights they had found at the end of very dark tunnels.

Here are examples of the animations from this project

Soaring with Britney

A story of surviving unrequited love, manipulation and despair.

Un-arranged Marriage

A story of surviving cultural sacrifice, betrayal and isolation.


All of the films can be viewed on The Art Clinic Liverpool website



Young Peoples Mental Health: Care Project

Care is an animation that was created through a community arts project. In this project young people in Local Authority care designed a resource to support young people going into care. The resource highlights the emotional turbulence caused by transitions. It is a gentle reminder for young people to preserve their future goals. The animation is accompanied by a worksheet that can be used with carers.

Care Animation

A story about a young person entering the care system who is dealing with difficult emotions.

The full resource can be viewed on The Art Clinic Liverpool website



Stress Release: A Moment of Peace

A guided visualisation to reduce stress.

A moment of peace is a video from the Covid Art Therapy online sessions


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