Hello, I’m Michelle Richards, welcome to The Art of Emotions site. This site provides creative therapy solutions and information for mental well-being support.

I am a creative therapist based in Liverpool, Merseyside who’s passionate about making therapeutic health services accessible to all. Delivering community art therapy projects with The Art Clinic Liverpool, I’m registered with the Health Care Professionals Council and I’m also a member of the British Association of Dramatherapists.

Creative Therapy Services 

I offer these services:

Private Therapy
Online Therapy
Group Therapy
Community Arts Projects
Art Therapy Resources

What is Creative Therapy?

The practice of using arts-based activities with the support of a trained therapist. Creative therapy is used to help to work through difficult emotional issues. Activities allow clients to create a safe distance between themselves and the issues that they are working with. This allows the client an opportunity to gain a wider perspective. New perspectives offer increased potential in problem-solving.

Creative Therapy in Counselling

We are multi-faceted beings. Creative therapy in counselling helps increase self-awareness to help reveal the subconscious aspects of our personalities that play major roles in our daily dramas. The better we know ourselves, the more mastery we can learn to develop as we navigate life’s ups and downs. Therapy is challenging, fascinating, transformative and sometimes fun.

Creative Therapy Techniques

Writing, drawing, painting, visualisation, role play, metaphor, music, poetry, dance therapy, movement and day-dream are all creative therapy techniques. There are no specific skills required by the client. Therapeutic activities are used alongside talking as an aid to help clients to reflect on, explore and find the words to talk through relevant issues.

Why Use Creative Arts Therapy?

Clients access therapy for a number of different reasons. The main reason is that they feel stuck and want a private supportive space to deal with the difficult emotions that they are facing, or behaviours that are causing them concern.  A client doesn’t need to be in a crisis to access support. Accessing therapy as concerns arise can prevent difficulties from becoming worse. Using art therapy is an assertive and proactive response to facing emotional and behavioural challenges.

Just as we attend to our physical health, it’s important we attend to any mental health issues too. Therapy helps people to understand and explain feelings. It creates opportunities for learning, insight and growth.

If you would like to have a chat about accessing any of my services for personal therapy sessions or within your organisation please feel free to contact me in the form below.