The Art of Emotions

Have you ever thought about what you do with your emotions? Sometimes it’s hard to express what we think and feel, but not being able to do this can cause problems for us. This Programme will show you how to use emotions in positive ways and to appreciate how valuable they are.

So often people react to their emotions by denying or avoiding them. You are invited to explore your emotions with the support of this unique and enlightening programme. This is an opportunity for you to learn creative methods that you can use every day to translate your emotions into information that will guide you through life. You will be shown ways to;

  • Creatively articulate your thoughts and feelings.
  • Learn how your thoughts effect your emotions and behaviour.
  • Process your emotions in ways that will benefit you now and in the future.
  • Experience the ways that creativity gives you access to your unconscious mind.
  • Improve your mental and emotional well-being.
  • Improve your relationships with others.

Learning Resources

  1. Thirteen themed modules with text and video extracts from Art Clinic workshops.
  2. Online activity worksheets for each module, to help you to creatively reflect on your thoughts and behaviour and recognise areas where you would benefit from making changes.
  3. One to one correspondence with a creatives arts therapist, who will work alongside you to explore your reflections and support you to make positive changes.


The activities are a combination of drawing, creative writing, visualisations and discussion. To get the most out of the exercises we suggest that you to approach them with an open mind, spontaneity, bravery and honesty.

At the end of each exercise you have the option to submit your work to a therapist. In response to all submissions you will receive confidential correspondence via email. You will be asked to discuss your experience of doing the activities and invited to work through any issues that have emerged for you. This may involve being given further personalised activities.


 To use the full programme and resource materials you will need to register.

Once registered  click on the door and key at the end of each chapter to use the activity worksheets.



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An introduction to the programme designer

Hi I’m Michelle Richards.  I studied Applied Psychology at Liverpool John Moore’s University. I later decided to develop my interest in combining psychology with the arts by training to become a Drama Therapist at York Rippon and St John’s college in 2001. I now work as a registered therapist.

I am originally from Birmingham but reside in Liverpool. Over the past 19 years I’ve really enjoyed devising and facilitating arts and health projects and workshops. My main focus has always been emotional well-being and finding creative ways to support people to work with, and understand, their emotions.

I am constantly in awe of the power of creativity within therapeutic processes. I have loved being witness to powerful insights emerging from spontaneous paintings, or voices released through creative writing, that speak from the parts of a person that have been submerged and unheard.

I wanted to create an accessible way for people to share in the magic that happens in my workshops and to experience it for themselves, in their own space, in their own time. Through the Art of Emotions online programme, I’m able to  support people remotely as they work independently ‘alongside’ recorded footage that was captured in the workshops. The feedback that I have received about the programme confirms that it has huge emotional benefits and is fun and interesting. I’m delighted that this is the case.

Most people don’t consider seeking therapy until they reach a point of crises. I advocate that we all need to learn how to attend to our emotional well-being, in the same way that we learn to attend to our physical well-being. This resource is not only for people who consider themselves in need of therapeutic support. It is an education for everyone.