Group Therapy Introduction 

Creative therapist offering private group therapy sessions in the Liverpool, Merseyside area. I use art therapy and other creative therapy techniques to work on a specific issue, problem or theme. Groups can contact me with their brief using the form below.

Private therapy groups can include:

Family members
Work colleagues

Art therapy for groups are suitable for:

Young people
Depending on the issues in hand, a combination of both.

What Are The Types of Group Therapy Available?

Art Therapy For Teens / Young Adults
Art Therapy For Adults

What is Group Therapy Used For?

Art therapy for groups is a great intervention for any cohort that is experiencing a problem which impacts all of the group’s members. I can provide a constructive space where everyone can receive external support from me as an impartial creative art therapist to help them to work on any challenges that they are facing.

What Happens in Group Therapy?

I will guide members to use art therapy techniques to creatively explore the dimensions of the problem and to look at it from the angles that represent the different points of view that are present. You do not need specific skills for these workshops. Materials will be provided.

Group Therapy Benefits

Each of the members will have the opportunity to use art therapy techniques to find and share their unique expression to communicate their perspectives and their needs.

Goals For Group Therapy

I will support the group to decide on a collective goal that, as far as possible, reflects the needs of each of the people in the group. I will help the group to collaborate on a shared plan that will help them to reach this goal.

How Much is Group Therapy?

The number and the length of the sessions needed will be negotiated to match the needs and the request of the group. This cost of this work will be calculated based on the number and length of the sessions.

Using Creative Therapy For Personal Development Through Emotional Empowerment

It may be the case that the group doesn’t have a particularly serious issue to work on, but would like to work together using creative therapies to learn how to improve relationships by increasing their skills in authentic communication and emotional intelligence.

Contact me using the form below for enquiries.